A new “500” Series Lodge seeking excellence in all it does.


For some time a group of committed Freemasons in Christchurch had considered the possibility of establishing locally what has become known as a “500 Series Dining Lodge” on the role of the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of New Zealand. That is to say one that is not a traditional Geographic Lodge, but is a true Dining Lodge established for a specific purpose following the established standards and ideals of other 500 Series Lodges such as The Lodge of Liberal Arts No 500, Lodge of Discovery No 501, and The Lodge of Enlightenment No 502.


HMB_endeavourCaptain Cook’s ship, HMB ENDEAVOUR.
The name of this Lodge – reflecting on an important event in the history of our country; naming of our Banks Peninsula; and the concept of development – is “Lodge of Endeavour”.

A feature of the Lodge furniture is the recently procured fine model of HMB ENDEAVOUR.

The “B” in HMB stands for “Bark” as in His Majesty’s Bark ENDEAVOUR. Some confuse this with “Barque” which was a particular form of vessel to which the ENDEAVOUR never conformed.

Lodge Features

This Lodge is committed to the Masonic Principles of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth, but in particular seeks to be dedicated to the renewal of Freemasonry and excellence within all aspects of the Craft, both in Ritual and in Reason.


The Lodge of Endeavour No 504 came into existence on the 21st of October, 2006, when the constitution and dedication was held at Our City O-Tautahi historic council rooms in central Christchurch followed by a celebratory banquet at the historic Riccarton House.

‘500’ Series Lodges

There are now 6 approved ‘500’ series lodges under the Grand Lodge of Antient Free and Accepted Masons of New Zealand.

Each Lodge is a true dining lodge with a specific theme. This differentiates them from the traditionally geographically based Lodges, many of which, at their inception, also had themes such as Railway Workers, Armed Forces or Public Service.

For some time a group of local Freemasons watched with concern as Freemasons lodges and their membership aged, and in a bid to assist in enhancing the Craft in New Zealand sought to bring a new approach. Many saw this move not as something new, but rather a return to basics, referred to in some circles as “Back to the Future” – returning Freemasonry to the high esteem in which it was once held by the community.


Charity is a corner stone of Freemasonry and is an important aspect of this Lodge.

Endeavour History Scholarship

In conjunction with the Canterbury History Teachers Association the Lodge of Endeavour has created a University Scholarship valued at $1,000 and open to all students in Canterbury. The Scholarship is to be allocated yearly to a worth student based on an essay competition using material submitted for assesment.

All essays submitted to the competition are published in an annual Endeavour History Book which will form a growing collection of work by students throughout Canterbury.

Interested students should contact their CHTA Teacher for more details or email (using Logo to the right) to confirm interest.


Benevolence through support for the Freemasons New Zealand Charity, the Canterbury Masonic Charitable Trust, and the Lodge’s own trust fund, form an important part of every member’s contribution.

Using its own Trust fund, the Lodge seeks to support higher education through the encouragement of excellence at senior college level.

Additionally, the Lodge will give support for education in lectures at suitable Lodge meetings where the emphasis will be on New Zealand pioneer endeavours, emphasising Canterbury History, Antarctic and advanced education at local institutes of higher learning.